Friday, July 30, 2010

If These Walls Could Speak...

What do you think about vinyl wall decals?  Love 'em or hate 'em?  These are from Decor Designs, an Etsy shop.  I really like the dandelions.  They feel calm and I would love to have these in a sitting room.  A nice big comfy chair or two (so Tuck or a friend could join me) and these dandelions on the wall.  I feel peaceful just talking about it.  I would relax with a book and just enjoy the quiet with some dandelions.

If you're really creative and a good artist, my friend Kayla painted these trees on her daughter's wall!  Saved herself a bundle and it looks great!

So what do you think?  Love the vinyl decals or not?


  1. I love vinyl decals, and these are super cute!! And wow, your friend is SO talented...that looks great! :)

  2. thanks :D

    and you know I love 'em :) I am going to get a much smaller version of something similar to the onne with the branch and birds to apply to Bailey's black dresser for an extra pop :D I've seen people apply them to appliances, dressers, walls, tv cabinets, tables etc. you can really be creative with them and they are easy to apply and remove for future designs! Total win!!

  3. oh and check this one out, I thought this would be cute for your girls' play room