Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I had the best weekend I have had in a long time.  I am so thankful that I finally got a long weekend where I didn't have five million things to do.  I got to enjoy a nap, spend time with my family, and really enjoy America's birthday.
Friday Tuck had to work literally all night, I had to take the babies with me on a cake delivery (which normally I would never do), and we got caught in a huge storm while delivering the cake where the cake and I got soaked.  On the bright side they still liked the cake even though the fondant got a little wet, we recently cleaned out the garage so I was able to park inside and my babies didn't have to get soaked, and the girls and I enjoyed a movie and Sonic for dinner.
Saturday was a sluggish day since the hub worked 24 hours straight.  I watched a little tv, played with the kiddos, and went grocery shopping where BOTH of my kids were well behaved the entire time we were there!  Later in the evening we decided to head to Frisco for some yummy crab legs.  We loaded up in the car and as soon as we hit the highway there was the biggest, darkest cloud as far as we could see.  I almost hopped off the highway then but it wasn't raining so I kept driving.  Then bam!  The heaviest rain ever hit us!  All the cars on 121 were driving 15 mph and had their flashers on because you couldn't see. So we took the next exit, turned around, and headed home slowly.  Crab legs aren't worth our safety.
When we got home, the babies and I played in the front yard in the nice cool rain. Tuck went inside and made pizzas.  The girls had so much fun in the rain!  I was not sure if Teeter Bees was going to like it because she does not like getting her face wet, but she loved it!  When the pizzas were ready we dried off in the garage and changed into some comfy jammies.  We relaxed with pizza and movies for the rest of the evening.

On Sunday we all laid in bed for a long time.  The girls snuggled in our bed with me while Tuck played on the computer next to the bed, and we shared some yummy honey wheat bagels.  Then we got showered and dressed and headed towards downtown McKinney to watch the parade.  We set up our chairs on the curb side and Tuck walked down to Coffee 'n Cream and picked up some snacks and waters. The girls loved the parade!  Teeter especially loved all the motorcycles and the horses.  Bowbas loved that it was outside! 

When the parade was over we walked down to Spoons for some lunch.  It was delicious and both the girls ate very well.  While we were eating, this family kept looking at us and giggling. I kept wiping my face thinking I must have BBQ sauce or ketchup all over.  They finally got up a left.  Just when I was about to ask Tuck if something was on my face the dad from that family walked back into the restaurant, walked up to our table and while giggling points at Teeter and said "she is the cutest thing we have ever seen!"  I looked over at her and there she was holding Gary (one of her elephants) under her arm, with her fork wrapped in a napkin in her hand, putting french fries on her fork, dipping the ketchup, eating, and repeating.  With her huge blue eyes and the witty things she is always saying (they could probably hear her she isn't quiet) how could they not comment?  They would have had the same thing to say about Bowbas but a pier had been blocking their view of her.
We went home and napped so we would be refreshed for the fireworks.  I ran up to the Kroger and bought a little 4 inch round cake (yes I bought it!  Don't judge me! It was my weekend off) that was red, white, and blue with little star confetti's to take to the fireworks with us.  I also got Off spray and bottled water.  With all the rain we've been having, I knew we would be eaten alive if I didn't have Off spray.  We loaded up and headed over towards the fireworks to sit in traffic for about 40 minutes.  We finally got in to the park, parked the car and set up our chairs. The weather was perfect!  Normally on the 4th of July in Texas you can expect rather hot and humid weather.  It had been humid all day until the evening.  It was perfect mid 80's (unheard of this time of year).  We enjoyed our birthday cake for America and the girls played in oversize bubbles that a near by boy was blowing.  They loved the fireworks.  Bowbas was yelling so loud!  "Wow!  That's Awesome!  One more time! Wow! Awesome!  Oh my gosh!"  It was seriously cute!  Teeter found the fireworks a little bright and asked for sunglasses numerous times, but she still enjoyed watching the pretty colors and loud sounds.

Can you tell who is who?

Yesterday was a wonderful lazy day.  We laid in bed for a while, then made some breakfast, and cleaned the kitchen and living room.  Then we watched a little tv while the babies played in the backyard.  We all napped after lunch and finished the day up with the girls watching Toy Story 2 in the playroom, Tuck playing his computer game, and me working on pieces for Teeter's birthday cake and dessert table.
It was one of my favorite weekends ever!  It did not go by too fast like most weekends do and it didn't drag on.  I'll be honest with everyone behaving all weekend and enjoying themselves, I could have used one more day at home with my family (or maybe 2).
I hope your 4th was as wonderful as mine!

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