Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend!  Halloween is Teeter Bees' FAVORITE holiday, and we made sure that she got the most out of this weekend.  Friday evening we went to Scare on the Square in downtown McKinney, Saturday her grandparents took her to Scare on the Square in downtown Celina, we painting and carved pumpkins today, and went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood tonight (and handed out candy).  My girl was in her zone.  Whether she was handing out candy, dressing up, or getting candy she was so excited. She loved all the costumes, even the scary costumes.  This year she was really good at trick-or-treating.  Tuck and I didn't have to go to the doors with them, we just stood on the side walk with the wagon.  She knocked on the door, and said trick-or-treat every single time and thank you!  She didn't complain one time when we said it was time to come home.  She was excited to start handing out candy.  Bowbas had fun, but was a little more along for the ride.  She thought it was a lot of work for candy.  Teeter Bees loved dressing up in costumes so much that she wanted to make a costume for Piggy.  We found items around the house to dress him up with, and cut a little mask out of paper and taped it on his face.  On Friday Tuck and I even dressed up.  She was SO excited!

Tuck, are we taking some aggression out on the pumpkins?

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Big Night

Remember my Necklaces post?  Trying to find a necklace to wear with my beautiful dress to Tuck's big award banquet.  Here is a bad picture of the necklace I wore.  The lighting in my bathroom was horrible!  This necklace is actually white gold with two perfectly white cultured pearls and a couple little diamonds.  It looked very nice!

Here we are.  All dressed up and we actually had some place to go!


We had an amazing time!  The hotel was right on the water.  Such beautiful views.  The food was amazing and the open bar...well who can complain about that? The company had a cheese and fruit table set up that was divine.  Then waitresses were carrying around trays of prosciutto wrapped asparagus (yum!), coconut shrimp (yum!), mushroom tarts (double yum!), and jalapeno and cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped chicken (double yum!).
When we were seated there was a fresh garden salad at each plate and each chair alternated Italian Cream Cake or a Red Velvet Cake filled with chocolate ganache, cherries, and cream cheese frosting.  Yum! Our dressing choices for our salad were balsamic vinaigrette or ranch. 
Then we were served a yummy plate of chicken AND steak with a sauce drizzled over the top, mashed new potatoes, and steamed yellow squash, zucchini, and peppers.  Needless to say we were stuffed!
The hotel room they put us up in was beautiful and had the most comfortable bed!
It was wonderful evening, and my Tuck more than deserved the recognition.  I am so proud of him and all his hard work!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Room Inspiration Search Continues

I am still searching for room inspiration for my girls' rooms.  They currently share a room and the other room is the "playroom."  After much (much) consideration, debate, and numerous nights of taking hours to get them to settle down into bed, we decided it is time for separate rooms.  The girls are not really going to be happy about it so we are trying to make it fun for them.  We let each of the girls pick the color of their room from the many paint swatches I brought home.

Teeter Bees has picked a nice, soft, custard type yellow.  I was surprised I had prepared myself for a purple of some kind.
And Bowbas has picked a soft, rosy, pink. 

I want to design rooms that are still childish, but not so much that we have to re-decorate in a year or two. 
For Teeter's room I was sort of thinking of maybe doing two small canvas paintings of cute little matyroshka dolls to hang over her bed.  Sort of go with more primary color accents in her yellow room.  But I am still on the fence.  I think farm house dolls incorporated would be cute, but like I said I am still on the fence.
For Bowbas's room.  I thought vintage Barbie of some type might be cute in a pink room or maybe just a pink girl's room with abstract art work or personal photos on the walls.  I don't know. It's too many choices for me, and Tuck has no opinions on these things.
Thoughts?  Inspirations?  Suggestions?
Let's hear them!

Deposit Slip

My kids have a while before they start loosing their baby teeth.  I'm not even sure if Bowbas has all of her 2 year old teeth yet. However, I am in love with these Tooth Fairy deposit slips.  So adorable and fun!  You can get them here.

Vintage Video Camera

A while back my Dad gave me an order 8 mm video projector and some old home movies. The projector is all dusty and old, but it works like a champ! I love the vintage quality of the movies and it was so much fun to watch the movies on the wall with the projector.  I was inspired and bought a Kodak 8mm Windup Movie Camera.  It is in perfect condition with a carrying case, all the original manuals and everything.  I basically stole the camera.  I paid $25 including shipping, and the same cameras in this condition are selling for between $100 and $200.  Yay for me!

So I have had the camera from a while now.  I love it and really want to use it!  Does anyone know where I can find 8mm film for this type of movie camera?  Stores? Online?  Anywhere?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Pumpkin Farm

Last night the girls and I made some adorable jack-o-lantern cake pops to take to the pumpkin farm with us and share with their friends.  I did most of the work, of course, but the girls had so much fun adding the green apple tic tacs for the stems and picking out fun jack-o-lantern faces for me to draw with an edible marker.   They turned out great!

I packaged them with mini cellophane bags and ribbon for easy transportation, and put them in a bag with a take and toss cool pack to keep the chocolate from melting. They were a huge hit with the girls, their friends, and their parents, and the perfect addition to our day at the pumpkin farm in Celina. The girls had so much fun. The farm had so much to do, lots of good photo ops, tons of pumpkins, and really yummy grilled hot dogs! What a wonderful day with my little ladies and our favorite friends.

Feeding the sheep

E feeding a longhorn

Mr. H


Fun in the pumpkins.  I loved all the different types they had laying around.

Pumpkins as far as the eye could see

Sweet Bowbas enjoying the day

Tractor time with Teeter Bees!

Bowbas' turn

The farm was beautiful!

Is this one big enough?

Yummy hot dogs!

So excited about cake pops!

Mr. H wasted no time on his!

Love this picture!

And this one too!

This truck was adorable!

Can you see the excitement on Teeter's face?  The hayride was the highlight of her day.

Sweet girl, having a blast!

Mr. H is a big Pooh Bear fan.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Mini Halloween Party

A couple weeks ago I was working on a Minnie Mouse Cake order.  My girls' friend E and H were over to watch movies, play, and eat pizza.  No one got any playing done because everyone wanted to help make the cake.  Of course on paying orders there is no help allowed from the little ones.  So I promised we would get the kids back together and decorate some Halloween cakes.  We decided it would be fun to turn it into a mini Halloween party and let the kids wear the costumes.  It's nice to at least attempt to get your moneies worth on the Halloween costumes.  The kids all looked adorable and everyone had an amazing time!