Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy Tips

When I was growing up, kids revolved around their parents' lives.  These days our lives revolve around our kids. While this is a good thing, I notice more and more mommies that forget about themselves.  More often than not this leads to some form of break down.
It's ok to think about you!
You are not being selfish!
So here is my Mommy Tip for the day...

Create a bucket list.
Add to it always...
Add things that you do alone...

Add things that you do with your kids...

Add things that you do with just your spouse...

Add things that you can do at home...

Add things that you have to get out and do...

Add things that are easy on your pocket book and easy to accomplish...

Like taking a cooking class with your girl friends

But also add things that you might have to save up to do...

And do them!
Don't create your list and leaving it hanging on the wall, get out there do it!

If you need help thinking of things to add you your list, here are some helpful hints...
-Pick up the book 1,000 Things to See Before Your Die
There is a world version and a US/Canada version.  I own both...
-Ask your kids for some ideas of things they might like to do with you
-Look into events happening where you live.  Our downtown is constantly hosting family friendly events.
-Think of things you have always wanted to do, and be ok with getting out of your comfort zone.
-Get a passport.  You'd be surprised how just getting your passport will really make you want to go somewhere!

Here are a just a few things off of my bucket list...
-Go to Prague with Tuck
-Take the girls to Disney
-Remodel our bathrooms
-Landscape my backyard into a magical place with smells and colors to die for
-Take a photography class
-Be the best mom and wife I can possibly be, every single day

Here are a few items I have accomplished off my bucket list...
-Go on a cruise with Tuck
-Enter into a cake competition
-Pay off our credit card debt
-Take Teeter to ride an elephant
-Make a quilt (I made 2!)
-Create a magical Christmas for my girls (it snowed and everything!)
-Create my family tree (and it's beautiful!)
so on..

What's on your list?

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