Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed Easter.  We did!  It was a wonderful weekend that flew by too fast!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Girl Giveaway

Birthday Girl is giving away an awesome Lifestyle Craft Letterpress...oh I want!! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday my sweet girls played their very first t-ball game.  I was so proud of my girls.  They played so well and looked so very tiny out there!  It was so much fun to sit in the stand, cheer on my girls, and snap about 100 photos! In t-ball they don't keep score, but some of the people in the stands were whispering that they kept score and the Grits won! Hehehe shhhh...

The girls ready to go

Bowbas running out to head to bat

Bowbas at bat

Teeter's turn!

She did a great job!

She's running to 1st!

Bowbas hanging out in the dugout

Teeter Bees on 2nd!

Now 3rd!

Our little fan in the stands!

Teeter Bees after scoring a run!

Teeter Bees as catcher!

She was easily distracted...a t-ball catcher doesn't do a whole lot

Bowbas back to bat

She did it!

Teeter Bees back on 3rd getting ready to score another run!

Bowbas hanging out in left field


McKinney Farmer's Market

We love our town.  It's a really nice place, and we have always enjoyed our downtown area.  The downtown is always hosting fun, free events, and the shops and restaurants are more then enjoyable.  Part of the downtown is a little place called Chestnut Square.  It's and adorable square of old, historical houses and a chapel.  The houses are not lived in like many historical markers are, but they are available for weddings and daily tours.  In the center of the square there are a courtyard about half of it is bricked and the other half is not.  On Saturday mornings from 8 am until noon they host an amazing Farmers Market of local produce, honey, meats, breads, etc. And during the market hours there is almost always a blue grass or folk band playing on the porch of one of the houses.  It is one of my most favorite things about McKinney.  Yesterday, I snapped a few pictures to share.  Next time we go I will try to get some pictures of the houses and layout. 

Friday, April 8, 2011


I am so behind on blogging!  The cake business has been booming, real estate is beginning to show signs of life again, and my family has been going, going, going.  Needless to say I am simply just trying to keep my head above water right now. 
I am very excited about this weekend.  It promises to be amazing!  Tomorrow we are finally telling the kids that we are going to Disney World this summer!  It's been a really long six and a half months of keeping it a secret.  We have come up with a super fun way of telling the kids.  We made our own Disney movie trailer that says their names and "you are going to Disney World"  at the end.  It's really neat and I promise to share that video on Monday!
Also, tomorrow the girls are playing their first t-ball game.  Should be interest and fun.  Practices have been hilarious and I am really interested to see how the game goes.  I'm sure they will look adorable in their uniforms.
And and I hoping to get my trees and shrubs all trimmed up and the yard mowed down.  Our poor willow tree went to sleep this winter and never woke back up.  Something has killed it.  All the branches are dry and snap right off.  I was a little concerned last year that it was sick, but didn't get to have it checked in time.  That tree provides that side of our house with a lot of shade so I am a little sad to see it go.  On the bright side, we are going to get to lay sod down and plant some pretty azaleas or something along the house and basically make that part of the backyard the girls play area.