Thursday, July 1, 2010

For the Love of Pretzels!

If you thought you knew me based on my Cadbury obsession post, you haven't seen anything yet.  I love pretzels!  There is no consumable, in this world, more perfect than a pretzel.  Tiny crispy pretzels, big soft pretzels, sweet, savory, filled, amazing, perfection.
The first food I ever choked on was a pretzel, but when you love something as much as I love pretzels you are willing to forgive.  I'll eat pretzels with almost anything.  Have you ever had pretzels with spaghetti-o's?  It's divine!

Nothing beats a pretzel!  Rold Gold are my favorite snack pretzels.  Yes, I know all pretzels are snacks, but I mean the kind you buy at the grocery store near the chips.  When I buy pretzels, I have to stand there for a minute and decide what would please my palate for this shopping trip.  Sticks or twists? Yes, they taste different.  I promise. 

I love pretzels dipped in chocolate
I love pretzels that have been dipped in anything really

I love soft pretzels
I love tiny pretzels
I love pretzels that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside

I have even had a pizza filled pretzel and it was darn tasty!
I will tell you the best part of a big, warm ,soft pretzel.
It's the middle where it twists together.  Oh! My! Goodness!  Nothing in this world compares.

I love honey mustard pretzels
I love stick pretzels of any size

I love twisted pretzels of any size

When I worked at Baskin Robbins, everyone thought I was crazy for wanting an ice cream with pretzels in it.  Well guess what!  When the second Shrek movie came out, Baskin Robbins came out with a flavor called Puss 'n Boot Mousse!  It was to die for!  Milk chocolate and white chocolate mousse swirled together with a chocolate chips and chocolate covered pretzels!  What more could I have asked for?  It was amazing! Thank goodness I was the manager at the time because I consumed a lot of that ice cream and Baskin Robbins is not cheap! It has since been retired.

I am telling you I could probably make a pretzel taste good with anything.  The other day I tried the new M&M's with the pretzel inside.  I have to be honest and say they fell a little short for me.  They are on the right track, but because of the candy shell they need to use a pretzel that is a little saltier.  When you dip a pretzel in chocolate some of the salt dissolves.  So between the chocolate and the even sweeter candy shell, it just tastes like a crunchy M&M.  Don't worry I have every intention of letting the company know because I would LOVE for M&M pretzels to be a success!
This is no joke, when I was a kid I would say all the time that they need to make flat pretzels or pretzels in the shape of a cracker. I have always always eaten ramen with pretzels and it would just make life so much easier if it was flat. Yep, now they make 'em. Mom, you could have been rich if you had contacted someone years ago with my flat pretzel idea.

I never thought I could love pretzels more than I do, but the fact that my kids love them just as much as I do really makes me love pretzels even more. The only time it was become an issue, having three people in the house loving pretzels, is when Mom has had a rough day and need a pretzel fix and the kiddos downed the bag while I was at work.  Enjoy!

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