Monday, April 26, 2010

Rockin' Ribbons

My friend Danielle has started an adorable business selling these fantastic bows, flip flops, tutus, and other accessories.  She's really got a talent for it!  I showed her a picture of one that I liked and told her what colors I wanted.  She made it even better than the picture I provided.  It's adorable!  Here is the link her to blog and check out her facebook too!!  I plan to have her make one to match Ava's birthday outfit once I get that together.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Next Event on the Calendar

Teeter's birthday party!  Kayla and I have already started discussing and planning the food, treats, colors, refreshments, etc.  Teeter loves elephants more than anything.  So she's having an elephant party!  The colors will be orange, raspberry, and lime.  Don't you just love colors with food names?  Kayla and I were talking about that me craving chocolate now.  We will be show casing a dessert table at the party to show off our Breezie talents and I'm pretty sure you can guess that her cake will be fabulous!
Here is a little inspiration board for ya!  Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"It's a baebe shower"

A little over a week ago I got to co-host a shower for my cousin.  I have been putting little things together for this shower for months.  The morning of the shower I was thinking "the shower is finally here, we can get it over with and I can start working on other projects."  Now that the shower over I miss shopping for baby stuff.  The grass is always greener, huh?
The couple is not finding out the sex of the baby which I love! So the shower was gender neutral.  Mostly white with some green and brown accents.  My co-host, Kristin, handled the food and man did she do a great job.  I have lots of new food ideas for my next event!  Her house was beautiful and the sage colored walls went perfectly with our decor.
I would say the shower was a success.  It was simple just like the mommy-to-be wanted.  She had a few friends, her mother in law, and grandmother.  Her out of state relatives were so sweet and had gifts shipped to the shower location.  It was fun, simple, and she got lots of great gifts.

I have a few more photos I will add of gifts, diaper wreath, guests, etc.  I am having trouble getting them off of my memory card.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope is my new recurring piece.  Recently, I've become more aware of people that have lost, are losing, or praying to see the finish line.  After my blog on Jenny Bizallion and I decided that more people out there could be praying or helping others. Some people have the monetary means to help others, others have time to volunteer, and others simply have an endless supply of prayers.  Any family going through lose or illness could use all the prayers and help they can get. I cry every time, but it is reality and these families need our help.

Today's Story of Hope is about a little girl named Layla Grace Marsh.  Here is some information about Layla and her family from

"In her mother's words, little Layla Grace Marsh "Went to play with the angels" the morning of March 9th, 2010. Although we only recently came to know Layla through the words and photos of her parents, we and thousands of others have been deeply touched by her battle with Neuroblastoma. It has been our honor to share her story with you, to raise money with you for the family's medical expenses and to help raise awareness about Neuroblastoma. To read an accounting of Layla's illness, we encourage everyone to read the Marsh family's blog:

Due to similarity of names, however unrelated, many Layla Grayce customers and followers had asked us if there was a way we could bring attention to her story. We contacted the family to learn more, to see what they were in need of and then posted articles on our Layla Grayce Backroom Blog and on our Facebook fan page: We were overwhelmed by the response of all our wonderful customers and fans, the outpouring of support, messages and prayers for the family. The Marsh family's story is compelling and powerful, and ultimately Layla's parents wanted people to learn more about their daughter and Neuroblastoma. This type of cancer most often begins during early childhood, usually in children younger than 5 years. It sometimes forms before birth but is usually found later, when the tumor begins to grow and cause symptoms. Chances of recovery depend on the age of the child when diagnosed, the stage of cancer, location of the tumor(s) and other factors. Early detection is key to a successful recovery. Stage 4 which is what Layla was at the time of diagnosis, has a survival rate of only 30%. Learn more about this type of cancer at the Texas Children's Cancer Center website.

We mourn the loss of this sweet 2 year old who touched hearts across the country with her story. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Marsh family. Rest in peace little Layla, your grace will never be forgotten."

Happy Easter (a day late)

I wanted to post a fun Easter blog, but we had so much going on.  What a wonderful and blessed weekend we had!  Thursday evening my husband's company had their annual crawfish boil at a party barn in Anna, Texas.  The location they picked this year got two thumbs up from me.  It had a beautiful view, lots of space and things for kids to do, was interesting to look at, and was easy to get to.  My girls had so much fun and the girls got to play with their friend E who they LOVE.

(I am starting to see why so many people think they're twins)

It was a late night for all of us and I was really thankful that we had Good Friday off.  Tuck let me sleep in on Friday morning.  It was beautiful.  Then we all went to the store together which I thought was fun until we got there.  Everyone behaved but we went to the store to get two or three items.  Ten dollars max.  Lets just say taking Tuck to the store while he is hungry is not a good idea.  We went home with almost $70 worth of food.  The system broke down somewhere, but I didn't hear "we don't have any food" one time this weekend so it was worth it.  It was a beautiful lazy Friday.  I couldn't have asked for more out of my Friday.
On Saturday our city had an Easter Egg-stravaganza.  It was sunny and warm out.  The girls were really excited about it and they had so much fun.

Teeter competed in one of those races were you put the egg on the spoon.  It was a wooden egg.  She couldn't figure out how to keep the egg on the spoon, so she grabbed the egg and ran for it!  It was adorable and she still got a prize!

Then we went home and dyed some Easter eggs.  The girls love getting to do crafty projects like that.

I love Bowbas's chubby little pointy hands!

It was a wonderful Saturday.  Everyone had fun and Tuck even got to take a nap.

Easter Sunday was supposed to be sunny and 83.  It was rainy and mid 70's.  The 70's do not bother me one bit, but it always seems to rain on Easter.  Either way we still had a blast.  The girls had a visit from the Easter bunny, loaded up on candy, had two more Easter egg hunts, and we got to spend time with family.  It was wonderful.

Note:  If this child's hair were any prettier..I don't know what I'd do!

I hope your Easter weekend was as wonderful as mine.  And I hope that during all the fun, eggs, candy, friends, and family that you took the time to remember and thank the Lord for the ultimate sacrifice.
Happy Easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1

Today I got offered a taste tester position at Cadbury in the creme egg division, bought a brand new Lexus SUV (color: white with tan leather seats incase you were wondering), booked a trip to Italy, napped outside in a hammock with my girls, and have a personal chef coming to cater an amazing five course dinner for my husband and I while my girls quietly watch a movie in their playroom.

April Fools! 

But man what a GREAT day that would have been although today hasn't been too shabby!
There was very little traffic on my way to work this morning. Score!
Then I got through with my agenda faster that usual.  Score!
My brother-in-law played an April fools joke on me, that scared me pretty good.  Not a score, but it's part of the day!
Had a nice little lunch outside where it is a beautiful, sun shining, 75 degrees. Score!
Came back to the office, joked with my boss about making him cupcakes with onions baked inside.  He hates onions.  He thanked me for not having the time to go through with it, but asked me to bring him some normal cupcakes on Monday. Score!
I really wanted to take a nap, but have sat here in the quiet for a few hours.  Sounds boring but it's nice since I have a long weekend in the loud house of Harris. Score!
I don't have to leave my house one time tomorrow unless I want to. Score!
My husband's office is having their annual crawfish boil tonight so I infact do not have to cook. Score!
At the crawfish boil my friend Amy will be there with her family.  Amy is special to me.  I really enjoy her company.  Score!
And in about two hours I get to go home to three beautiful smiling faces that the Lord blessed me with.  I get to hear MAMA!  Yelled at the top of two sets of tiny lungs when I walk in the door.  I will be tackeled with hugs, stories and love before I can even get out of the entry way.  And the third smiling face with remove the munchkins from my legs, and give me a big bear hug.  Even though we will have to leave for the crawfish boil shortly after, I still got a welcome home that most people only get after a long trip.  Score!

Happy April Fools Day!
I hope yours is special.