Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Mad Tea Party

Yesterday we celebrated Bulb's 4th birthday.  How is my baby already 4?!  We celebrated with  an amazing Mad Tea Party that I have been planning for most of the year.  She can't stop talking about how awesome it was. 

Paper lanterns and fans I found at Party City for only $2.99!  Gave the room a great look for the mad tea party!

Center pieces!  I found the giant tea cups and saucers at Hobby Lobby. I got two "small" ones and one huge cup.  I put a dome of floral foam in each cup. The morning of the party I went to Kroger and bought 4 different looking inexpensive bouquets.  I combine flowers from all the bouquets to make these mad, fun, adorable centerpieces.  The dragon fly was found at Hobby Lobby also.

The huge centerpiece

The other "small" centerpiece

We rented 2 long children's tables, children's chairs and bright colored table covers.  It was a huge hit!  All the kids were able to sit together at the same time.  Having a table their height was comfortable for them, and parents weren't having to help the kids in and out of their chairs.  I got all different types of tea cups from a local antique store. 

Some fun party decorations and suckers shaped like tea cups and tea pots.  These were all found at Oriental Trading Co.

Adorable suckers

The birthday girl's tea cup.  I made sure to purchase the most inexpensive tea cups I could find at the antique store, except for the birthday girl's.  I let her pick out her own cup from the store.

I found these beautiful decorative bottles at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't want all the tags to say drink me, so some of the tags had the ingredients that the White Queen says on the Johnny Depp version of Alice in Wonderland, as she is mixing the potion.  And one of the tags has the name of the potion from the book.

I made mini top hats for all the kids to wear.   This was a huge hit!

The special cake I made for my baby girl!

On the table we had some fun little snacks for the kids.  Creme Puffs, cookies, apples, strawberries, grapes, and deli spirals.

The table set up

The sweet birthday girl

A fun little sign a threw together for decoration

I saw this tiny wooden door at Hobby Lobby and it got me thinking about Alice having to drink the potion to become small enough to fit through the door to get to Wonderland

The kids had so much fun!  Not a single tea cup ended up broken.  They had so much fun drinking apple and grape juice from them.  The tea pots were found at Ross.

I found these fun tea pot craft foam frames at Oriental Trading Co.  The kids had so much fun decorating them!  We plan to send pictures of the kids in the thank you notes to put into their frames.

My gorgeous little baby love

Some of our sweet little guests showing off their top hats!

The party was a huge hit not only with the guests but with my Bulbie girl.  She keeps telling Tuck and me thank you, over and over and over.  She'll say "my party was so awesome!"  It was a great time!  Interested in having a mad tea party?  I am happy to share any information from this party.  I will also post a tutorial on how to make the mini top hats.