Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 5 A Love Story

Sorry about my tardiness with today's Valentine's Day 5 post.  Originally, I had planned to present you with another craft, but I decided to tell you a love story that involved two amazing men.  Man 1: Tuck.  Man 2: Brenden Morrow. 
The story starts back years and years ago. My dad had amazing season tickets to the Dallas Stars.  A friend of mine was screaming at me "We HAVE to go! You will LOVE it!"  Boy was she right.  I was immediately addicted to the sport.  It was loud, it was rough, and it was amazing!  Not only was I immediately in love with the sport.  I wanted to take one home with me.  Brenden.  Oh Brenden.  How feisty and...well...amazing he  I would beg my dad for tickets as often as I could.  I was even blessed with some playoff game tickets one season.  It was the life.

A few years into my obsession, I was dating this fellow.  He was nice enough, I suppose.  One day I was leaving his apartment after having lunch. As I was walking out this tall, blonde, good looking fella was walking in. We did not exchange words.  We just starred at each other for a moment, and I continued to walk to my car and he continued to walk into the apartment.  I had already made plans to go back the next night for dinner and to watch a Dallas Stars playoff game on television.  It is about half way through the game, and I was about half way through a bottle of wine.  I am a loud hockey watcher as it is, but the combination of playoff game and wine may have made me a little louder then normal.  That is when the tall, blonde, good looking fella walked into the apartment.  All he saw was long blonde hair flying about and this tiny little woman underneath screaming at the tv.  "Let's go boys!  Shoot the puck! Yeah!!!"  He was immediately in love.

Almost 7 years after he fell in love with the loud, screaming, hockey obsessed little girl, he had a surprise for her.  (About a week ago) "Honey, I have a special Valentine's gift for you this year.  My company game me tickets to a Stars game."  Boy howdy! Was I excited!  Not only was I excited, but Tuck was excited that he would again get to see that little woman he fell in love with screaming down to the ice.  The seats were amazing.  Very close to where my dad's season tickets were. I felt, at home.  My main man sitting right next me, screaming right along with me.  And my other love skating around down on the ice.  Tuck did not even mind that I was swooning over Brenden.  He just laughed, and kissed my forehead. Now that is real love. The Stars won, 4-2.  Tuck got a little reminder of the day we fell in love.  And I had the best Valentine's present ever!  True love: a man that knows what his woman likes.  Me+Stars= Perfect Valentine's Day Gift. 


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