Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hi!  My name is Bree. I decided it is time for a personal blog.  I have had a blog for some time now but it is for my cake business, but I really feel like I can't post personal blogs on the business blog.  I am a mother to two wonderful little ladies. 

"Teeter Bees" is 3 years old and she's amazing.  She loves her sister more then anything.  She loves elephants like you wouldn't believe.  She is creative, smart, and says the funniest things in the world. I look forward to her hugs in the morning, and I can't wait to get home in the evenings to hear about her day. 

I love how excited she gets about things. Everything is an exciting adventure for her and that attitude makes me excited about whatever it is we are doing.  I love the way she says "Oh Mama! That's beautiful!" in her tiny little munchkin voice.  I love the way her little teeth fit together and her big blue eyes.  There is one little thing I do not love though.  I do not love that this little angel is so allergic to fire ants.  A fire ant allergy in Texas is just horrible, and I wish there way I could take that away from her.

"Bowbas" is our little firecracker.  She is tiny but can put away almost as much food as her daddy can.  She loves Teeter and her Wubbies (her little teddy bear/blanket) more then anything. She has a temper but she is low key.  She enjoys being outside and perfers to ride around in an umbrella stroller then to walk through a crowd of people. I look foward to kissing her warms cheeks in the morning, and I can't wait to see her running towards me when I get home in the evenings.

I love how much she loves My Little Ponies. I love her crooked little smile and her sweet blue eyes.  I love how her little cheeks always smell good, and how they remind me of warm cookies after she wakes up.  I love her tired baby voice she has early in the morning. I love how she will always share with Teeter Bees.  And I love love love her little walk.  It's a great walk.

I love that I am addicted to my kids.  I could never live without them.  I have absolutely no idea what my husband, "Tuck", and I used to talk about.  We talk about various things but the conversation always goes back to those sweet little girls.

Tuck got his nickname from being excellent at tucking people in at night.  He steals the covers during the night, so one night he layered some blankets on me and tucked me in so when he stole the comforter I wouldn't wake up freezing in the night.  I slept like a baby on a pillow of feathers.  I was warm and snuggled.  Ever since I can't wait for him to tuck me in.  It sounds really odd, but I sleep so good!

I met Tuck years ago.  I was actually dating his best friend.  We will go more in depth with that story at a later time.  All I'll say right now is that Tuck works really hard everyday.  When he is at home he loves to play World of Warcarft.  How did I marry such a nerd?  The girls love him and he loves the girls.  

I love how we love watching movies together.  I love how he puts up with all the crazy ideas that are always flying around in my head.  He's almost always understanding and he thinks I am good at everything I do.  What more could I ask for?

So now that you know a little about us, buckle your seat belt and join us for the ride of surviving alife of work, raising children, crafts, cooking, tears, fears, smiles, and trails.

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