Friday, June 21, 2013

Hand Wall

    A few months ago my mom came to visit us. She brought me a box full of pictures from my childhood, and in that box she had placed a round piece of plaster.  On that plaster was my hand print from preschool.  We had made them as Christmas ornaments for our parents.  It is a vivid memory for me, and I always loved being able to hang it on our tree.
    It was always a very heavy ornament, and now that my mom's floors are brick she was worried it might fall of their tree and break so she brought it to me.  As soon as I was holding that piece of plaster, I immediately thought of the hand print Bubs made for me last year at preschool for a Mother's Day gift.  I also thought of the hand print Ferocious had made at the same age.  I asked the hubby if he had made a hand print when he was little.  He said he had and called his mom to ask if she might be willing to part ways with his hand print.  She said yes.  I now had four hand prints.  One from each person in our family.  All of which had been imprinted between the ages of 4 and 6.  When I saw that my husband's hand print was square, I knew I needed something to even up the fact that the other three were round. Well it just so happens that our dog, Woody Bear, is 4 years old.  I got some plaster and cast his adorable paw print.
    I got 5 plate hangers from Hobby Lobby at $1.99 each.  These are hanging in between two windows in the corner of my breakfast nook.  They look adorable and add personal character to our kitchen.  From top to bottom in photo 1: Mine (1988), Bubs (2012), Hubby (1988), Ferocious (2013), and Woody Bear (2013).

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