Friday, June 21, 2013

A Week on the Ranch

The girls and I spent the entire first week of summer on my dad's ranch.  It was a wonderful week.  No one had to wake up early or be anywhere.  For all three of us, it was an extremely relaxing week.  We got lots of sun, did lots of things around the ranch, and had a great time visiting with my dad (the girls call him Grumps) and my step-mom (the girls call her Gigi). 

There was fishing...lots and lots of fishing.  Everyday.  Ferocious was good at it!  She caught lots of fish.  Tiny ones and big ones.  Bubs caught some too.  She worried about hurting the fish, so she didn't catch quite as many as sister.

There was horseback riding.  Ferocious is in love with Dewey the horse. She has been for quite some time, so the more horseback riding the better!  Dewey got a little spooked while Bubs was riding.  She held on like a champ, and yelled "lets do that again!"  Gigi had to check her own pulse after and told Bubs they wouldn't be doing that again at least not on purpose!  

The smile only a horse can bring to a real cowgirl's face

Bubs loved to groom the horses and sneak a little extra hay into their buckets!  The girls got to give Dewey a bath one night!

 There was chicken egg collecting!  I really thought the girls would be scared to go into the coop with the chickens, but they weren't.  They had a blast collecting all the eggs and eating them too!

Ferocious was in Heaven with all the dogs...

She LOVED the goats too!  Aren't the babies too cute for words?

There was paddle boat riding.

We would sit on the dock and watch the longhorn cattle graze. 

We even had a friend, X, come visit!

There was necklace making, ice cream cookie eating, and "treasure" finding...

There was rose smelling.  These are literally the best smelling roses ever!  There were also red roses and yellow roses, but these orange roses smelt amazing.

And there was plenty of napping!

It was an amazing week!  I hope we can make it an annual summer event. OH!  I almost forgot...

This little one lost her very first tooth on her way to the ranch!

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