Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pros & Cons of Today

Pro-This morning I found Bowbas laying in her bed awake.  It was early, she was snuggly, and she just wasn't ready to leave her bed. It was adorable and lovey.  The image has been running through my head all day. Happiness.
Con-I cannot hear out of my right ear.  This cold I got 1 week ago today has spread to my ears.  Ear infections cause me no pain and I (usually) do not know I have one until my ear drum ruptures.  It is horrible.  Well today I can't hear and I can feel alittle pressure the doctor I must go.
Pro-The doctor's office is open until 7 pm so I can get meds and hopefully not have a rupture in the middle of the night
Con-It's very quiet and slow at work today causing me to have all the time in the world to think about my ear
Pro-I had lunch with my mom and it was yummy
Con-I am on day 7 of never ending coughing
Pro-I have yummy cough drops
Con-It will be dark outside by 5:30 pm
Pro-My family and I are going to enjoy some technology free time again tonight (night 2 rocked, FYI)

Hopefully tomorrow the ear pressure and cough will have calmed down, and the only con of my day will be that I can't snuggle in bed with my babies all day.

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