Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Wish List

I always have a really hard time thinking of things I want for Christmas.  My favorite part of the holidays is giving, the festivities, the food, the baking, and the look on girls' faces on Christmas morning.  I'm not knocking receiving at all, but I love giving.  I love the feeling that I get when someone realizes you really thought about them.  With that said, I do not usually give giftcards. 
Anyway...I thought of a couple things I might enjoy receiving this year.  Surprise, surprise, they're all baking/cooking related.

1. A Kitchenaid Icecream Maker Attachment.  How much fun would it be to make homemade icecream for my girls and their friends during the summer?

2. A tortilla press from Williams-Sonoma.  I would LOVE to make homemade tortillas. 

3. The Bakerlla Cake Pops Book.  I have wanted this since before it came out.  I had planned to go to her book signing here in Dallas, but it fell on the same day as Tuck's big night.

4. A kitchen torch.  To make creme brulees and other yumminess

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