Monday, October 25, 2010

Room Inspiration Search Continues

I am still searching for room inspiration for my girls' rooms.  They currently share a room and the other room is the "playroom."  After much (much) consideration, debate, and numerous nights of taking hours to get them to settle down into bed, we decided it is time for separate rooms.  The girls are not really going to be happy about it so we are trying to make it fun for them.  We let each of the girls pick the color of their room from the many paint swatches I brought home.

Teeter Bees has picked a nice, soft, custard type yellow.  I was surprised I had prepared myself for a purple of some kind.
And Bowbas has picked a soft, rosy, pink. 

I want to design rooms that are still childish, but not so much that we have to re-decorate in a year or two. 
For Teeter's room I was sort of thinking of maybe doing two small canvas paintings of cute little matyroshka dolls to hang over her bed.  Sort of go with more primary color accents in her yellow room.  But I am still on the fence.  I think farm house dolls incorporated would be cute, but like I said I am still on the fence.
For Bowbas's room.  I thought vintage Barbie of some type might be cute in a pink room or maybe just a pink girl's room with abstract art work or personal photos on the walls.  I don't know. It's too many choices for me, and Tuck has no opinions on these things.
Thoughts?  Inspirations?  Suggestions?
Let's hear them!

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  1. if I were to do a pink room right this minute it would be something along these lines or panda themed cuz I love those color combos with pink

    and yellow I would do dandelion themed... I am a sucker for nature rooms :) and yellow is such a fun care free color

    OR if you wanted to stick with a pure color theme you could paint just the ceiling in their color choice and whiten the walls add stencils and accent colors in their primary choice and some other awesome secondary color choice.

    Pottery Barn always has great inspiration rooms, or start by looking at bedding... fabric and quilts always provide wonderful inspirations. As long as it's happy they will adore it for a few years at least! You are right... too many choices. It would take me forever to decide as well!