Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage Video Camera

A while back my Dad gave me an order 8 mm video projector and some old home movies. The projector is all dusty and old, but it works like a champ! I love the vintage quality of the movies and it was so much fun to watch the movies on the wall with the projector.  I was inspired and bought a Kodak 8mm Windup Movie Camera.  It is in perfect condition with a carrying case, all the original manuals and everything.  I basically stole the camera.  I paid $25 including shipping, and the same cameras in this condition are selling for between $100 and $200.  Yay for me!

So I have had the camera from a while now.  I love it and really want to use it!  Does anyone know where I can find 8mm film for this type of movie camera?  Stores? Online?  Anywhere?

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