Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter (a day late)

I wanted to post a fun Easter blog, but we had so much going on.  What a wonderful and blessed weekend we had!  Thursday evening my husband's company had their annual crawfish boil at a party barn in Anna, Texas.  The location they picked this year got two thumbs up from me.  It had a beautiful view, lots of space and things for kids to do, was interesting to look at, and was easy to get to.  My girls had so much fun and the girls got to play with their friend E who they LOVE.

(I am starting to see why so many people think they're twins)

It was a late night for all of us and I was really thankful that we had Good Friday off.  Tuck let me sleep in on Friday morning.  It was beautiful.  Then we all went to the store together which I thought was fun until we got there.  Everyone behaved but we went to the store to get two or three items.  Ten dollars max.  Lets just say taking Tuck to the store while he is hungry is not a good idea.  We went home with almost $70 worth of food.  The system broke down somewhere, but I didn't hear "we don't have any food" one time this weekend so it was worth it.  It was a beautiful lazy Friday.  I couldn't have asked for more out of my Friday.
On Saturday our city had an Easter Egg-stravaganza.  It was sunny and warm out.  The girls were really excited about it and they had so much fun.

Teeter competed in one of those races were you put the egg on the spoon.  It was a wooden egg.  She couldn't figure out how to keep the egg on the spoon, so she grabbed the egg and ran for it!  It was adorable and she still got a prize!

Then we went home and dyed some Easter eggs.  The girls love getting to do crafty projects like that.

I love Bowbas's chubby little pointy hands!

It was a wonderful Saturday.  Everyone had fun and Tuck even got to take a nap.

Easter Sunday was supposed to be sunny and 83.  It was rainy and mid 70's.  The 70's do not bother me one bit, but it always seems to rain on Easter.  Either way we still had a blast.  The girls had a visit from the Easter bunny, loaded up on candy, had two more Easter egg hunts, and we got to spend time with family.  It was wonderful.

Note:  If this child's hair were any prettier..I don't know what I'd do!

I hope your Easter weekend was as wonderful as mine.  And I hope that during all the fun, eggs, candy, friends, and family that you took the time to remember and thank the Lord for the ultimate sacrifice.
Happy Easter.

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