Monday, January 4, 2010

For the Love of Bowbas

I absolutely cannot get enough of this kid.  Just look at her. Look at how she is resting her head on her hand while she is talking to her sister.  If this kid were any cuter I would need a pacemaker to stay alive!  I love the personality she has developed over the last  year.  She says such funny things, and even though she has a temper her little smile just lights up the world.  Oh yeah! And she has the best walk in the world!  You would have to see it to understand but she just has the best walk.  I laugh everytime I see her walking around, and if she is running...well forget about it!  It is just too cute.
I love that she will lift her leg up as high as she can, stomp it back down to the ground and say "I'm mad" while smiling the biggest smile I have ever seen.  Sorry Bowbas, Mama is not buyin' that you are really mad.  That grin just gives it away.  I love that she loves to sleep, just like me. I love that she likes more low key events, like her Daddy. I love that she loves her Daddy.  I love the way she likes to be Teeter's "shadow."  I love the way she LOVES Ariel (The Little Mermaid).  I love the way she sings.  I love the way she gets so excited about the things she loves, like...Daddy coming home from work, My Little Ponies, Ariel, playing outside, fruit snacks, taking baths, and turning on lights.  I love the way she loves her sister.  I love the way she looks when she is sleepy.  I love how her cheeks are like freshed baked cookies [warm and tasty] when she wakes up.  I love the way her voice sounds when she wakes up, we call it tired baby voice.  I love it when she walks into a room and says "Mama whut you fink you doin'?"  It is the best!  I love that she loves her family, food, and naps.  I love that she can put away more food then her Mom and almost as much food as her Dad.  Well, probably not as much as Tuck but the child can eat four hotdogs in less then 5 minutes.  She is like a Hoover.  Set the plate down in front of her and the food is gone.  There are one or two things that she does not care for, but she eat most everything. Tuck jokes that he is going to enter her in a hotdog eating contest.
I love her chubby little hands, and her sweet little mouth.  I love that she loves to speak in many languages.  One sentence might contain 4 different languages so you had better know your English, Spanish, French, and Chinese if you plan to talk to her.  I love that if she asks you a question she expects an answer, even if it is "I don't know."  I love that she counts well, speaks well, sings well, and plays well.  I love that I absolutely cannot get enough of this girl.
I will tell you that there are somedays I wonder what I am going to do with her, but she is so much fun and a tiny ray of sunshine.  She is mean when she needs to be, and loving even more then that.  She will be the kind of girl that will stand up for herself and her sister.
I love that Bowbas!

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  1. I love it when she says, "ummmmm Mama..." like, "ummmmm, Mama, I want to have the kitty"