Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  The picture is me when I was a little thing.  This picture makes my mom and my older sister happy inside.  They just loved me in the big ole Santa head.  My sister still cracks up about it!
I hope everyone has the most wonderful Christmas ever!  I hope if you were blessed in 2010 that you paid it forward and blessed someone this holiday season.  And remember not all blessings are in monetary form!  I have had an amazing blessed 2010 and I have done my very best to bless others too.
I am so excited about Christmas this year. 
The girls are really excited about Santa coming and I think he is bringing some wonderful things!
The girls made an awesome gift for Tuck this year!  I'll have to wait to tell you what it is because he's a good hubby and reads my blog.
I did more handmade gifts this year, which is what I am good at so I can't wait to give them to their assigned recipients!
Teeter is excited because we hung a stocking this year for the dog and Santa has a few items to fill it with.
It's finally starting to cool off outside after it was a record breaking 85 degrees on Tuesday!
Me and my girls will be making cookies for Santa this evening!
My excitement just continues to increase!
AND!  I'm bummed and excited all in the same breath about this part.
Carolers came to the house last night!!  I was just saying last week how people don't carol these days and I wish they did.  I have never seen carolers going door to door.  I'm bummed about it...because I missed it!  I know!  I was at my company's Christmas dinner and I missed the carolers.  Tuck said the girls were so excited!  They loved every minute of all 4 songs they sang.  Then the carolers gave the girls candy canes.  Teeter Bees was so excited about it when I got home, she was telling me all about it.  "And they gave us something.  It was red and it was white and it was candy!!"

Merry Christmas everyone!
God bless

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