Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teal Cupcakes

There is a super special place in my heart for yummy cupcakes with teal colored frosting.  Growing up, we got to celebrate birthdays at school. I have a summer birthday so all the summer birthdays celebrated together right before the last day of school.  This was back when homemade treats were more than welcome in schools.  Every year my mom would make beautiful white cupcakes with teal frosting.  Sometimes we had purple or peach but most of the time they were teal. They were so beautiful and it was really hard walking into school with a box full of these fantastic little treats and not eat one, or maybe two.  The only thing that kept you from eating one on the way into school is the simple little fact that you wanted your friends to see the masterpiece that YOUR mom created! It was wonderful!  Too bad I won't be able to send homemade teal cupcakes with my kids to school.  Homemade treats are no longer welcome in schools because too many kids have food allergies.

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